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The Big Lie

The Big Lie

I- he was leaving for the capital. He was going to represent the Tribe Ouled M’rah in parliament. He was dressed in a white djellaba immaculate. He was wearing a red tarbouche and sleepers yellow.
It had held that the whole tribe the accompagnât until the gap which crossed the road to any vehicle. Beyond this trench, on the side of the souk, a black limousine was waiting for the future representative. There his wife had already taken place. She was so masked that many of its neighbors had difficulty to recognize. Some had even taken to his secretary because of its aspect of dress.
The elected escalada a rock overlooking the runway and on which were written, in red, a few letters freshly painted. It improvisa a short speech to thank the people who had submitted, without condition, since his arrival in the tribe. He insisted once again on the steps that it would undertake when it joined the capital for that Me Rahi can finally enjoy their mineral wealth. The Sheikh applauds frantically. His wife launched a shrill dingy. The whole tribe the mimicked. Me Rahi were proud of their representative.
He departed.
Since this day, only a few villagers s claimed to have seen, from time to time, to the television. He had taken the weight. It was dozing all the time in his comfortable armchair of parliamentary.
It returned no more ever to his tribe.

II- has 37 kilometers south-east of the city of S., The tribe Ouled M’rah lived folded on itself. The region, formed of trays semi desert and struck a drought continues, seemed to be forgotten by history. Neither the climatic conditions, nor the political decisions had played in its favor. These injustices to the appearance of a divine curse had fact that weld more the inhabitants.
Disillusioned, they understood that to come to the end of their countless problems, they could not rely on their own means. Also, small and large fought-they to survive.

This world that seemed sempiternellement frozen was however upset the day where, perhaps in error, the political authorities decided to make build a school, in order to, so-called, combat illiteracy and promote the statement in the campaign.

Thus, by a beautiful day of a month of May, a small classroom in pre-manufactured was erected miraculously at the summit of a hill. Throughout the summer which followed this false note-government, parents looked on with suspicion this building that could capture their progenies for long years if they did not take all the necessary measures. Vigilant, they forgat their internal quarrels, serrèrent ranks and redoubled their efforts to derail the project in question.

III- THE TEACHER arrived at the beginning of the school year. Nobody knew how he had been able to land in this land forgotten. It was a young newly-arrived of the training center for teachers. Its worn binder and stuffed with methodological diagrams, formulae, didactic and pedagogical approaches gleaned painfully during his curriculum gave him a certain prestige and a lot of admiration and respect. Of course, there was no of students. But the master received countless varieties of meals sent by the families who lived in the vicinity of the school. Aware of the threats which weighed on him, the sheikh, the man who represented the local authorities, tried in vain to start the operation anti-illiteracy. Could not admit his cooking failure, it then came to see the teacher for the supplier to remain in the tribe. He assured that it would be well maintained and that it would be of nothing. The fictitious lists of registered students would be filed by the Sheikh in person with the Director which fell within the new facility. The latter had his office to Gzoula, a small village located just twenty kilometers of Ouled M’rah.
The master did not ask better: he feared to be transferred in a corner more lost still. But it was still a little worried. And if an inspector of education came a day visit him? Hypothesis impracticable in the future given the state of the track. The director who lived in the village of Gzoula _ It must be remembered _ could not, him not more, start in an adventure very risky. He had decided firmly to never venturing far from his village, since the day when, wanting to visit a school that was as far as that of the M’Rahi, he had taken a taxi. In these times, the directors of primary schools had no way to accomplish their educational tasks in good conditions. If although they often saw make the tour of the schools within their districts or of their zones, on the back of donkeys or mules.
One day, therefore, the Director had taken a taxi. Not knowing the area well, the driver is deceived of track. The two travellers spent half a day in search of the Not Found school. Angry, the driver abandoned, shamelessly, the representative of the Ministry of National Education in the training of executives and Higher Education (whew!) in a magnificent lunar landscape. The latter mit two long days to find its own.

IV- The Teacher therefore accepted the offer of the sheikh. And the day where this historic pact was sealed, the representative of the local authorities inaugurated its first success in authorizing the master to share in the classroom to the aid of the planks benches and tables in two equal parts: a bedroom, with as a bed, the table placed horizontally on a few large stones. The other part was reserved for the reception. But as the teacher was not receiving person, this part of the ex- classroom became a meeting place of the M Rahi to discuss, in the evening, their problems and to play from time to time to the cards or to the ladies. On Fridays and the days of holidays, it served as a mosque. We gave him the name simple and modest to the « house ».
Wanting to get rid once and for all of his fears, a night, the teacher took a pickax that he had previously purchased and went very far, to a dozen kilometers from the douar. There, he dug a deep ditch on the whole width of the track. « Like that I will be quiet », he said to himself, relieved. He was so reassured he wanted to copy this sentence on the rock overlooking the runway. Unfortunately, there was not enough place. It is Contenta to recopy, with red paint, only the initials of the words « Cçjst ».
The next day, a few peasants who went to the weekly market (the souk), discovered the mysterious gap. Was it a harbinger of abject subversion? A conspiracy was going to happen? In any case, it was necessary to notify the sheikh who in turn should inform his superiors, and more particularly the Caïd in order to thwart the plans of the enemies of the nation. By learning the bad news, the sheikh became pallid, but he managed to conceal his dismay. It was overtaken by events, however, it does not signaled nothing to the boss. How dared he do, him, which was supposed to be aware of everything that was going on in the region? How his wife would close it the eyes on this professional misconduct unforgivable if ever by chance, jacasseuses of the tribe came to inform of the mysterious gap. He knew that his wife would not let pass this opportunity for him to require a gift out of scope. He dreamed, once again to the master. It was the only person who could help to save the little dignity which he remained in deciphering the mysterious message. In the evening, he came to see the Mistrou (Maestro), as the nicknamed the women of the tribe.
Sitting on a big stone, the latter was in the process of causing with rural dwellers come in search of water in a well near the school. He was proud of this public who formed a semi-circle around him, proud of the topic discussed freely and proud finally of the collective participation in the debate. Fortunately that he no longer had to deal with kids who the Ministry of National Education in the training of executives and Higher Education (yet Ouf!) had imposed topics to discuss in class, during the oral activities, subjects which had virtually nothing in common with their real world.
The Sheikh spoke to him and whispered about: » – the Caïd spoke to me of a company of exploration which will come to perform research in the region, but he forgot to tell me about the message that she left on a rock. Can you come with me to the read? It is a little far, but we will take the mules »
Since their first case concluded, – the sharing of the classroom – the teacher and the Sheikh decided to tutoyer without any complex. « Let’s see! No protocol between friends ».
The Master thinks for a moment to the proposal of the representative of the local authorities, but as it had nothing to do (not for the preparation of courses for the following day, no copies of students to correct, not students, not of school…), he agreed to accompany it.

V- They arrived on the scene. Three small shepherds were there face to the mysterious rock. The Sheikh dismissed the authoritatively.
Frowning, the teacher looked into with relish the work he had accomplished the standby. The letters, written in large characters bright red, luisaient under the effect of the last rays of the setting sun. The mistrou declared that this was not of French. This announcement pulvérisa what remained of the slim chance of success of the sheikh. And for the further intrigue, the teacher was Contenta a guess that he drapa skillfully in the jargon of a general truth: « It is without doubt the oil discovered by a German company or Russian ».

The oil! The Word made the tour of the tribe, the speed of the fires which ravaged its often meager harvests. Finally, ME rahis would become rich. The Sheikh who had, of course, no idea on the black gold, already saw all the hills transform into pastures. Himself was transformed in President of a dairy cooperative. He had a powerful black horse intended solely to the Fantasia during the many festivals that were held in the summer. All the surrounding regions would solicit him any assistance. The State even the reward surely for its valiant services. The caïd The would respect. It does not raise the more the tone on him. It courtiserait him by saying « if it pleases you Mr.… Please Mr… If this does not bother you Mr… ». And him, invectivant the poor caïd: « You can not do attention … This is not possible!… What is you doing here you? « . His wife is not the terroriserait more. It does not rise more hands on him. It cajolerait by saying: « My love! … honey… my heart… » and him, the filling of priceless gifts.
The mistrou advised the inhabitants never to divulge the secret of their wealth imminent. The issue was of such importance that the State could confiscating their land. They had the right to mention this magic word that in the House during the night meetings. He insisted particularly on the depth of the ditch and on the letters written on the Rock who had to stay at any price intact. The Sheikh reassured the tribe that it would in person of these two points. He had already measured the depth of the ditch, using a long stick, and it was kept secretly the measures. Nobody gave in question the loyalty or the incorruptibility of Sheikh.
Also, all meetings had them to theme: the oil. Talk about game of cards or lady became a taboo. We listened to the analyzes of the teacher even if we did nothing. It silently hochait the head up and down while keeping to speak of fear to say a stupidity which would betray its ignorance in the field of black gold.
Later, it was the representative of the authorities, each evening, his stick to the hand, move toward the ditch to check if the measures were not altered or to repaint the letters of the rock. Sometimes, it was call to one of its workers which, with the aid of a pickax and a shovel, réajustait calculations.
And the teacher became a full member of the tribe. And the Director to Gzoula received the fictitious lists legal but of so-called students enrolled in school. He received at the same time other documents dealing with the number of didactic units planned for each semester, of the types of activities for the learners and some examples of evaluation exercises. With time, this paperwork became a rite that the mistrou performed periodically during the course of the school year.

VI- At the beginning, the teacher was bored a little especially when everyone was leaving to fields; but he ends up by adapt to its new life, giving from time to time, a small hand to the rare peasants who worked near him. Later, its financial situation improved. He received regularly its mandate. It économisa a good sum of money, but he did not know what to do with it. He wanted to be rich. But how do we get there? It ends up taking a decision which chamboula the mode of life of the Tribe: The waiting room was constructed in small grocery store, which pleased enormously to the Tribe, especially to the Sheikh, which, bullied by the Caïd and persecuted by his wife, had the habit of forget A good part of the necessary purchases. Roughed up the souk as in him, the representative of the local authorities therefore saw in this grocery store a boon that the issuing, at least, of a small part of his worries. Therefore finished the long and grueling travel up to the village for supply. Everything was there: sugar, oil, tea, soap, salt, spark plugs, Mint…
A few months after, the mistrou realized that the weekly markets hampered terribly the flowering of its trade, and that there was no way to prevent a good part of these rural dwellers to go to the souk of Gzoula to buy or sell a beast, or simply to make their purchases.
Then the master changed strategy. It Garda the shop and bought a former big diesel car and an old mule. He began to make transportation in common.
The first weeks were very harsh: not having permission to exercise his new trade, it was daily harassed by the gendarmes. But he ends up by making them understand that it would not abandon. It had assimilated the methods surprisingly effective of the tribe. He won this battle against men in uni uniforms and was admitted to transport illegally the inhabitants of the tribe, Subject, of course, a percentage of its gain to the chief warrant officer of the gendarmerie.

VII- Each morning, the master took his mule to go to Tnine Ghiat, a small Douar on the road to Gzoula. There, he attached his beast near a clinic abandoned, gave him to eat and by heating the engine of his old car, he began to shout: « Goula! Gzoula! Still a place ». In the evening, it parking his car in front of the mill and resumed his mule to return home. Nobody could be without the services of the teacher: sick women who had to go among the healers, elderly people who could no longer bear the long journeys to back of beasts, merchants of poultry, livestock, grains… The car of the master was ready to carry everything.
He would like to lead his gear up to the school, would be this, that to further impress the rare M’rahis that persisted to still use their means of transport traditional; unfortunately, it could not: the gap which crossed the runway was so deep that any attempt could prove to be catastrophic.

VIII- since the day the socio-economic situation of the teacher had begun to evolve positively, many families are launched in strategies inextricably complicated for the married. It did not hesitate to send of meals by girls dress slightly and overly put on makeup. All the women of the tribe, determined, regardless of the price, to have the mistrou as son-in-law, required of their daughters that they remain with him until he has finished his meals for …report the plates. It was well that someone (or someone a) him held company in order that he can eat to its comfortable.
But the master remained insensitive to all these offers indirect and generous: the widow Batoul who came every evening, to twenty-one hours, seek his candle, filling widely its needs.

IX- the day where the country was going to organize its first parliamentary elections, the teacher realized quickly that his hour of glory had sounded. It was in no way to miss this golden opportunity. To achieve its objective, it asked the woman of Sheikh the hand of his daughter. The marriage was celebrated in intimacy. The mistrou settled with his wife in its beautiful parents. All documents necessary for the constitution of its Candidature File free parliamentary and without political label were produced in a manner questionable.
The teacher devoted himself then, body and soul, to its election campaign. He insisted to the inhabitants on a single point essential and decisive: it would use all its weight with the government to get out of the bowels of the Earth their wealth long awaited. The Mrahis were proud of their future representative.
On the day of the poll, outran widely all its opponents. It then sold all its assets, including the school, and if bought a sumptuous black limousine. His wife went into town to get their hair cut. It brought back to his return a big box of makeup that made the young girls of the tribe all blêmes
The departure of the master for the capital was more than a matter of a few days…
The powerless

The powerless

I – at this time, in most of the regions of the south of Morocco, the marriages celebrated according to a rite immutable. The feast began among the bride the day and was continuing the night at the home of the future spouse. The latter knew generally not the companion destined for him. Someone or someone the chose for him.
The people responsible for this mission were supposed to relate in detail what she knew how to make. It placed particular emphasis on the paramount task: procreate, make the kitchen, milking the cows, do the laundry, wool weaving…
In short, we voluntarily was forgetting about everything that was neither observable, nor measurable: know- be, namely- Live… Apart from the success of the work, nothing was taken into consideration.
The marriage application does not require written document. A few witnesses, generally chaired by the fkih- The master of the Koranic school-, were sufficient to bless the union and to make legitimate.
The future bride, with respect to it, had no notice to give on the fate that it reserved, and how much the same to his mom talked to her of her husband, she had not in any way the right to refuse. It should be adaptable to all males that it proposed: widowed, single, old, young, white, black…
II – This evening, the young Salka which met those conditions, would join his matrimonial home. And even this night, she was going to accomplish his first sexual act with a man that she did not know and that she had never seen before. We did not know his true age, but apparently it had a twenty years. Early in the morning, we had done heat two seals of water for the bath of the bride. It covered the hands and feet of henna before wrapping in bits of white fabric.
In the evening, in a darkened room, two old women were of the plugs so that the hairdressers perform their work in good conditions. We had asked the bottom of a donkey in the middle of the room. Salka was sitting on this pseudo uncomfortable seat and unbalanced. She was in tears. It had nothing to eat so she feared terribly this adventure. The hairdressers enduisaient him the hair of an ointment based on flowers of roses and teeth of cloves. From time to time, a strident skiff launched by one of the many women who formed a circle around the bottom of the donkey, covered momentarily the tears of the future married. Once this task is finished, it clothed a bathrobe very ample and he overlaid the face using cap of this garment strictly reserved to men.
Salka was ready for the departure. The means of transport which had to take her to the unknown were already there: two camel sitting, one next to the other, waiting, in ruminant peacefully, the order of their owner. On the first, there had hung ostensibly, in addition to all of the linen of the young wife, a good dozen of bags, made with the aid of skins of goats and which contained foodstuffs (barley, but, wheat…). The bride was required to provide some well to her husband.
The young man who had taken place on the second camel, stood firmly between his arms the woman bagged that he filed between the legs. It was him the vizier. The single person who Mekki, the future husband, had delegated some of its powers and responsibilities. No one had this right.
At sunset, a procession formed of a few men and a dozen women is shook slowly toward another tribe. The father of the bride had not right to this trip. By contrast, his wife opened this bridal walk. The journey was long and tortuous. In effect, a few kilometers from the other side of the River Tensift is nested at the top of one of the bare hills of all vegetation, a maisonette any shabby which would welcome Salka. The procession crossed without problem what remained of the course of water: a bed of sand dotted with gigantic ochre stones abandoned by the waves. The procession arrived late in the night. Like the campaigns were not electrified, the marriages celebrated during periods of full moon.
III – Since the day where his mother had found the woman who should logically be suitable, Mekki does not believed that at the marriage. Also, the small house that he had built since ten years it was repainted in the lime. Although he still have three months before him, he began to consider calmly to the preparations that required the feast, assisted in this task by his faithful friend Mahjoub.
One day, they went to Sebt Talmest, the souk closest to their Tribe, located some 20 kilometers to the West to sell a few goats, before taking a bus that the Mena in Essaouira.
Once in the city, his friend he chooses a pair of sleepers yellow, a turban long of three meters and a djellaba White. A marriage always brings a lot of expenses.
During the entire period which preceded the ceremony, Mekki was so excited that he often came to ask Council to his friend. The latter still lived with his parents at a hundred meters. The questions posed Mekki about the physiology of Women clearly showed that he had no idea on the opposite sex. Mahjoub which is sometimes made in Essaouira, among girls of joy to satisfy its needs answered him vaguely. But the answers of his friend does the reassured in no way.
He had the air worried. It was not asleep well. Nightmares disrupted frequently his sleep. He reported his dreams disordered to his friend. In order to the comfort, the latter interpreted in a fun way.
IV- Finally came the day long awaited by her mother. All the neighbors were invited to attend the evening meal. In the morning, it killed two goats. Mekki took his bath near a well, MIT his clothes new immaculate and headed toward the mosque where he was to spend the whole day and a good part of the night. He had the air clammy. Its new white clothes had fact that accentuate its sickly air.
In the evening, all diners men the joined. The imam- the fkih- reads a few verses of the Koran. The TEA and the meals were served on the spot. Mekki was taciturn and had no appetite.
V – this night, Mahjoub, a young Brown of twenty six years was in the oven and at the Mill. Well built, this colossus to the stature very wide was responsible for overseeing the conduct of the festivities. He knew Mekki since a long time. They had grown up and worked together. They were both good and bad of meager harvests that their fields daignaient sometimes their offer, but often they are committed as laborers to build fences in stone or to snatch the thorny herbs which invaded perpetually the land. Mahjoub was of the most harsh. The two friends told stories of their secrets, came together before taking any decision. Moreover, Mahjoub was the first informed of the marriage of his friend.
Plantes Médicinales Fairy Castle and Dimensions -
Plantes Médicinales Fairy Castle and Dimensions -
Medicinal Plants Fairy Castle and Dimensions -
Medicinal Plants Fairy Castle and Dimensions -
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Acai Baies Fairy Castle and Dimensions -
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Chlorella Fairy Castle and Dimensions -
Citron Fairy Castle and Dimensions -
Cordyceps Fairy Castle and Dimensions -
Curcuma Fairy Castle and Dimensions -
None of the two was not aware Salka.
The day where Mekki was to appoint his vizier, he chooses any naturally his closest friend. Mahjoub accepted this honor and promised to give him all possible services.
On the evening of the marriage, the vizier tif shuttle between the House and the mosque a good dozen times. He did not want to take individual decision and held that everything is happening in perfect conditions.
VI- contrary to the serenity which bathes the mosque, a joyful turbulence prevailed on the small house. Women are vengeaient of all their frustrations by typing frantically on instruments of kitchen and singing to tue-head. The narrowness of the House not to allow more than two women dancing at the time. Each pair was impatiently awaiting its tower in the middle of this cacophony cut off from time to time by a dingy discordant.
Outside a group of a dozen young had taken place at the foot of a wall. They also sang and danced. Yet, they were almost sure that they had no chance to taste the meal of the night. But they hoped that they used at least one toward of tea. Some had even made a piece of bread in their pockets .the older young people, a black who had a voice very acute played a kind of guitar handcrafted using a stick and a metal container. Other were small instruments that could be distinguished evil in the glimmer shy of the moon. Some danced in bare feet. In reality, they do not danced but trampled firmly the soil, thus releasing a dust very dense.
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VII- Salka was all alone in a small room that was divided in two parts using a cloth: on one side the conjugal bed, the other of the room where the vizier had to wait, ready to intervene. We had cleared the girl of the heavy bathrobe that she had brought along the journey. His hands and feet were released cloths which protected the henna. A make-up artist came the join with a potsherd in clay which contained a red dye. After spat on the content, the vanity the remua firmly with its index and began to spread this mixture on the cheeks of the young bride who became almost unrecognizable. She handed him before going out to the end of a tree bark, advised him to apply mastic in order that his lips take a color attractive. The air amorphous, Salka deplaned in laying down the ceiling of the room. The Reeds posed on the trunks of trees. Some spiders dangling wires invisible. The candle that had been fixed on a flat stone nearly two pillows in order that it would highlight the beauty of the bride did not relieve that a glimmer very low.
Lying on a carpet very worn cover of a skin of Sheep, Salka was awaiting the imminent arrival of her future husband. She was trying to imagine its pace, his voice, his dress aspect. But all the images were elusive.
« That va-t he tell me? By what va-t he start? Do I have to remove myself my white trousers and put below us so that he can retrieve the irrefutable proof that I was a virgin until this night? Va-t-it make me ill in penetrating me? Will I be- able to retain my cries in cases where…? « . The questions is drängelten violent and disorder in his spirit. She had hot. It suffoquait.
The make-up artist brought him a toward water and the informed that her husband was going to come from one minute to the other.
The vizier came to pass the House in current. Out of breath, he asked to all musicians to silence. The husband was going to come. It distributes to the mosque. All the young people gathered their instruments and followed him.
VIII- two rows of men well aligned advancing slowly in the direction of the House. The husband was in the middle. The cap of his bathrobe fully covered his face. The fkih psalmodiait which of the verses of the Koran aloud, felt strongly the arm of Mekki for the guide. The latter had the legs flageolantes.
All the world crosses the portal. The fkih fought the married to the vizier. The two young men entered in the bridal room. Mahjoub carefully closed the door behind him.
The religious leader and a few guests left the site. They were tired. The other such hyenas took position in a corner and awaited the result. They want to have the heart net with respect to the virginity of the girl. If things were progressing normally, the vizier their would tend at the end of a few moments the white trousers spotted with blood of the bride and the feast would resume until the small hours of the morning.
The world was therefore suspended to this tastes of blood which would make proud, in addition to the families of married, all surrounding tribes. In a total silence, all ears were properly tensioned to enter the cries of pain of the bride. Same dogs had ceased to bark.
But if things go wrong, this would be the disaster. The Garment long-awaited réapparaitrait do not. The disorder would prevail in the crowd and would spread in the Families of married before to devastate all the surrounding tribes.
Some would say that Salka was not verge.
« No, it is Mekki who is powerless! », would argue other.
The situation was very tense. The absence of the drop of blood on the white trousers of the Bride could trigger a mutiny. The wire that retained the chaos could break at any time. The whole world was on his guards, ready to respond.
IX- Mekki drew off his bathrobe. He was shaking in looking around him as a beast taken in a trap.
« - My Friend Help- me, » whispered about-t-it.
« - Quiet-thee, answered him Mahjoub. Is there a problem?  »
 » – and what problem! I am lost, if you do m aid not. I do not happen to…, I can’t… ».
« - Vas-y speaks! That then-I for thee?  »
« - my wife…, my wife… »
« What is it has thy wife?  »
« No, not. It is Me who does not happen… I have never been able to tell you that before… I have never had an erection. I can not enter her home.  »
In its turn, the vizier became very pale. He had never imagined such a situation.
« How va-t-we announce it to your family and to the family of the bride. That will say all these fauves which lurk behind the door?  »
« No, especially say nothing. Listening to me well, if I am well your friend, you’re not going to let me fall now .give me a service, if it please thee, » continued Mekki.
« What service?  »
« Do you want to do the job well in my place? Thee in the least you es capable and thou hast already some experience… »
« Never in the life, answered him firmly Mahjoub. And what wilt thou do the days to come?  »
« Don’t worry, I arrangerai. I do not want to become the laughing stock of the tribe. I beseech thee, help me »
Mekki began to cry. It was of the pity. Time was of the essence. It was necessary to take a decision.
Mahjoub thinks for a moment and agreed, despite him this right of cuissage. He quickly slipped into the clothing of his friend and entered in the young girl. He died the candle.
The operation lasted only a couple of minutes. He went out with the trousers spotted with blood, slipped into her own clothes and scooped the garment to two women who were waiting in front of the door.
The cacophony resumed more deafening.
Relieved or disappointed, the curious left finally places in doing the praises of a young woman that they were not familiar.
Mahjoub returned to him. Its mission was finished.
Salka spent the night all alone.
Mekki slept on a pile of hay near its two cows.
X- The next day, he arose early and went to do a tour near the house of Mahjoub. When the last guests saw him walk, they concluded that it was quite normal: The night was exhausting, and the new married was in need of fresh air.
And the Feast ended.
Salka discovered in full day her husband. It was not the one who had penetrated the Eve.
« No, no, it is him. I was so tired and scared that I could not stare long. Especially that it left me very quickly. « ,she told herself.
In the evening by turning off the candle, Mekki began to caress awkwardly his wife. It was believed that he was going to make him love, as the standby. Unfortunately at the end of a few seconds, he turned his back and prétexta that he had badly to the head. The young bride was a little disappointed.
XI- the day where Salka met Mahjoub, it fails fainted. It was him the man who had owned the wedding night. She was safe. She understood nothing for the moment, but she began to have some suspicions.
Mekki frequently invited his friend at him. Salka always ate with them. They were talking about all three of everything and nothing. Something very rare, it even arrived that the young wife gave its opinion on a problem or a given situation. Mahjoub began to find well-organized and very beautiful. It was a pity that his friend could not take advantage of this jewel. On the contrary, Mekki was always a pretext to go out and leave his wife and his friend all alone. So that it does not feel embarrassed by remaining head to head with the young woman, Mahjoub rose him also to get out at the same time as his friend. But the latter always obliged to stay.
« Put yourself to the comfortable, I will be back in a minute ».
But the minute transformed into long hours.
XII- holding that this situation could not last forever, one evening, Mekki begged once again his friend.
« Listening to me well, I can not repudiate my wife. I fear it will not reveal my powerlessness. I am therefore obliged to keep; but I cannot meet. If i te often leaves with it, it is simply in the hope of the COMFORT a little. Am more daring and forgets me when you’re all alone with it ».
« I can not. Your wife is nice and beautiful and I do not want to sully the image she has of me… »
Mekki the interrupted.
« No worries on this side. I have already talked about my problem. And you know what she said to me: « Find me somebody who te replaces. » It also does not have to be repudiated. I told him therefore spoke of thee. She has even sworn that nobody would be aware of this Union. My friend, now the ball is in thy camp ».
Some assurance emerged of the Speech Mekki. It was felt it was pleased to have found this outcome.
Proud of its virility, Mahjoub recalled the long moments that he had spent with Salka. Some issues, some answers, some suggestions of the young woman began to take a meaning in his spirit. It had it not asked if his friend was attending women before her marriage.
During their discussions in head-to-head, she continued to ask him questions sometimes intrusive. She wanted to know if they had already attended girls, how they were, what they liked among them.
Mahjoub felt embarrassed, but she begged him to tell him everything. With time, it wanted to know more about his personal life. She laughed in him speaking, gesticulait, approaching him up to stick to his body.
One day, she asked him if he had slept with a virgin daughter. The young man was hot. He wanted to leave. Salka the retained by his shirt.
« I will not let you not get out before you answered to my question ».
Mahjoub hesitated for a moment and then he said:
« Yes; once only »
The dike who retained other issues cope. The woman wanted to know how it was, if it had the same age that she, how he had taken, at what time, and finally where.
Unable to answer, the young man put an end to the conversation and left of force his interlocutor.
Returning to the home, her husband wanted to know why his friend had not expected. His wife answered him calmly.
« It just to leave. He confessed all your tricks ».
Mekki cracked. He had vertigo. He told him the whole story. He began to cry. It CONSOLA in repeating that this was not serious. And the next day they invited Mahjoub to dinner with them.
The latter hesitated a little. He knew that he was going to be harassed by the issues of the woman of his friend. However, he accepted saying to themselves. « In any case, I do say to him nothing on the night of the marriage. She can always ask questions!  »
He came with his friend in the evening. The dinner was not served until late in the night.
Salka asked her husband if he had closed the door to key.
« With this darkness, it is better to be in security », she added.
The husband replied that he had well closed. After a few moments, he claimed that he was going to relieve. As there was no toilet, he left the house, taking care of well close behind him.
Remained alone, Salka went right to the purpose.
« Listening Mahjoub, thy friend m has confessed everything »
The guest does not react. He believed that it was in the process of forging a history in order to make him talk more. But when he heard the following the speech very detailed of the young woman, he was really overwhelmed. No loophole. He spent at the table. The Descent of the slope was breathtaking. He confirmed while stressing other details.
And prior to silence he fought the last admission:
« You are very beautiful and thou pleases me a lot!  »
Salka also the was very beautiful. Since the first time she had seen him, she had fallen under its charm. Each night, she thought of him. It was dreaming that he was taking the matter between his arms, that He fondled her, that he embraced.
That night, it was next to it by train to reveal to him his true feelings. To encourage them to continue to speak, the young woman caressed the hand in smiling. It sursauta.
 » – What is this that thou hast? You don’t feel well? « , asked him-t-it
« - not, this is nothing. I have a little hot ».
« - Relax thee, and leaves me to do »
The caresses resumed openly, sparing no part of the body. Mahjoub could no longer resist. Its large hands trembled.
They looked at a moment without speaking. He finally took between his arms and he colla a long kiss on the lips. It lay on the carpet worn and breathed the spark plug.
He returned each night, without it being invited.
« Between, thou art in Thee »; he was repeating Mekki, and he disappeared.
Radiant, Salka sautillait of joy. It was preparing to eat to his guest, the dorlotait, asked him whether he was in need of something. His lover was bathed him also in the happiness.
Four months after the beginning of this original connection, the young woman fell pregnant. The situation became more and more delicate. Mahjoub knew that it was his child and it was not near to the Deny nor to abandon it.
XIII- the day where it was discovered, the body of Mekki, the head shattered against a big stone of the Tensift River, the whole tribe ran to offer his condolences to the two beings who were near and dear to him: his wife Salka and his faithful friend Mahjoub.
After the burial, the lover told the people present:
« You know, my friend sensed certainly this tragic death. It was always my requested to take care of his wife if ever by chance he arrived a misfortune ».
A few months after, Mahjoub married Salka.
She gave him a small girl who resembled strangely to Mekki.


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